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Who We Are 

  • American Cornerstone Group, Inc., with Marc Rosenblum at the helm, is a full-service insurance and financial services firm.  As an Independent Advisor Representative of Silver Oak Securities, Marc offers comprehensive wealth and financial assets management and retirement planning services. Striving to protect and enhance your current assets and financial future, Marc works in tandem with his clients to help create and build financial stability and a sense of security, with the goal of achieving financial independence in retirement. 

  • American Cornerstone Group is an insurance and financial services firm that specializes in wealth management and asset preservation - including retirement planning and legacy-building. Marc works alongside his clients to help create and build financial stability and a sense of security with the goal of achieving financial independence in retirement and a loving legacy for their families. He built his company on a solid foundation of outstanding client service and in-depth market knowledge. 

  • As a seasoned financial services professional, Marc has earned the elite CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CHARTERED FINANCIAL CONSULTANT and CHARTERED LIFE UNDERWRITER designations. Since 1981 he has helped protect the financial health of his clients from all walks of life. He designs and shapes comprehensive and individualized financial packages designed to meet the challenges of wealth management, and those products and packages are as diverse as the clients he serves. Whether clients are already experienced in the world of financial planning or are just starting to build their savings, portfolios or retirement plan, Marc can help every step of the way.

  • Marc will partner with his clients to determine the adequacy of their current financial status and situations, and offer tailored solutions designed to meet their specific needs and goals, whether they be in investments, financial and retirement planning, insurance, tax-reduction strategies, IRA planning, Social Security | Medicare | Medigap planning, or any other investment and advisory areas.

  • Marc's experience in investments, tax strategies, retirement planning, Social Security, life insurance, estate planning, long-term care, and much more, can help you take the next important step toward realizing your financial goals, enjoying a worry-free retirement, and leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

  • Marc's well-earned, excellent reputation drives his high level of customer satisfaction. When clients are comfortable and confident in their financial stability, Marc knows he has done his job. The realities and complexities of today's financial world and planning can be daunting to anyone. In addition to managing and growing his clients' assets, Marc provides them with the financial education, qualifications and knowledge about what is and is not important to each person, and that is the cornerstone of what Marc does for his clients.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Clear and unbiased advice and guidance based on experience, in-depth research and analysis of your financial situation and lifestyle

  • Relevant and timely information to help you reach your financial and retirement goals

  • Fresh ideas for investment strategies, utilizing proven plans and configurations that are appropriate for you

  • Easy access, regularly scheduled face-to-face reviews, promptly-returned phone calls, and results-oriented service, all designed around your schedule

  • A real client advocate who is approachable, trustworthy and resourceful in nearly every aspect of financial planning and wealth preservation. 

But Really.... It's All About You.

What sets Marc apart from his competitors? 
And why have his clients stayed with him for 10, 20, 30+ years? 

  • Marc connects with his clients at a far deeper level than asset allocation and financial strategies alone can ever hope to touch. He connects at the heart, and does so in a natural and authentic way. Few other advisors achieve the level of connectivity and humanity that Marc reaches with his clients.
  • He's as passionate and determined as his clients are when it comes to helping them build their family legacy. 

  • He strives to understand your aspirations in order to determine what is most important to -- and for -- you. He will help identify your financial goals and dreams, and then partner with you to understand the financial implications of the life decisions you make.
  • He will ensure that you are not only an active participant in your own planning, but that you understand each step along the way. He will typically answer your questions before you even ask them.
  • Marc will schedule regular reviews with you to ensure that your financial strategies and plans remain relevant and appropriate to you and your lifestyle. You won't feel lost when Marc is on the job, nor will you become a "client number" who rarely hears from his or her advisor; Marc will remain a key partner in helping you achieve your financial goals and aspirations. He can show you how a planning strategy that you may have already implemented or are considering implementing compares to other available strategies, and will demonstrate what could happen to your current financial plan if you should experience significant changes in your personal or family situation, taxes, inflation or investment returns.
  • Through sophisticated modeling, Marc can help you determine the adequacy of your current financial situation, show how a given financial planning strategy that you have already implemented or are considering implementing compares to other available strategies, and demonstrate what could happen to your current financial plan if you should experience significant changes in your personal or family situation, taxes, inflation or investment returns. 

  • He frequently goes above-and-beyond with guidance and assistance through clients' major life events, and he can help relieve the burden of managing finances, especially when immediate priorities may be temporarily elsewhere.
Perhaps the most important thing that sets Marc apart from other advisors is that his clients have trusted him without reservation for more than 30 years because of his unwavering approachability, accountability, integrity, loyalty and, of course, his extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in his field. 

Our Guiding Principles

Our company was founded with the goal of assisting its clients in every aspect of their financial lives. We have built a solid foundation of excellent client service and in-depth market knowledge. Together we can devise creative solutions designed to strengthen financial portfolios to help reach and maintain financial independence in retirement. We are guided by the belief that education and a solid understanding of your financial situation are critical in making appropriate and well-advised decisions about your financial goals.

Here at American Cornerstone Group, we don't just advise you; we make sure that you feel knowledgeable with the what's, why's, when's and how's of the entire process, that you have a clear understanding of your own portfolio and whether it's working the way you want it to, and we are committed to spending the time and making the effort to answer your questions and allay any concerns.

We maintain a hands-on and transparent approach in working with you toward achieving your financial goals now and in retirement. Not only do our clients find our advisory team to be diligent, knowledgeable and approachable, they also quickly discover that our staff also care about working hard to make clients' dreams a reality. We have a proven track record with our business model, and we keep our clients sharply focused on where they want to be financially, all the while advising them on how to pursue their goals and encouraging them to maintain their vision and disciplined approach to realizing their dreams.
In short, we will help reinforce the positive financial choices you have made and will continue to make during your lifetime.

If you have questions or concerns at any time about your current situation or future goals, or if you wish to meet for an initial consultation, we offer three ways to schedule:


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