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Ways You Can Boost Your Security Against Cyber Theft

Ways You Can Boost Your Security Against Cyber Theft

A week hardly passes without news of cyber-hacks, credit card and identity theft  - and that's just the tip of the iceberg lately. But there are security measures you can take now to help protect yourself, including some measures you’ve not likely heard of before now. 

Besides identity theft and credit card fraud, with data breaches occurring more and more, it is critically important to protect your personal information stored in online accounts with secure passwords. The majority of passwords do not pass the test. Learn how to create a password that will keep your data safe online. 

If you're logging into your email, bank account, or any other online account while using your tablet, phone or laptop in a public location such as an airport, coffee shop, even your doctor's office, be aware of your surroundings to prevent someone from looking over your shoulder as you type in your login and password. 

And don't forget: Don't just toss those credit card offers in the trash; SHRED THEM! Shred all personal documents you no longer need that contain any personal data about yourself, including checks and checkbook registers, expired credit cards, bank and credit card statements, and so on. Investing in an inexpensive cross-shredder can help protect your identity for relatively little cost. If you learn of a shredding event nearby, take advantage of it. In fact, keep an eye on this website because we occasionally hold shredding events for our clients and our community.

Below are some more smart things you can do for yourself - right now - to improve your protection against identity and credit card fraud.

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