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Karen Rosenblum

Karen Rosenblum

Marketing Director

Karen is Marc's wife, best friend, and adviser-at-large. She is invaluable in her assistance to Marc in his business, and their husband-and-wife teamwork contribute to a successful partnership - both at work and at home. 

Karen shares her husband's passion for the salty ocean and sea breeze in the summertime, going to Flyers games in the winter, Phillies in the summer, watching the Super Bowl Champion Eagles, visiting new parts of the country and the world, and spending time with their family. Karen is proud of all their sons, and enjoys being part of their respective journeys toward their own dreams and goals. 

When she can, Karen enjoys her lifelong passion for photography - especially nature photography - and she also enjoys creating unique fine-art renderings of her images. Prior to committing her time to helping her husband in his business, she taught photography to those who wished to take their skills to the next level. She gave photography workshops around the country, and is a former Photography Editor and regular columnist for a local newspaper. Karen has won awards for many of her images, and has exhibited some of her work locally.